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Deze Riccardo Barbieri (op facebook heb ik er 40 gevonden)

I set up this site in the first place to experiment with the Drupal Content Management System (2009).

While doing so, I'll use it as an outlet for my (sometimes vague and frequently chaotic) thoughts on society and mankind, and my perception of his/her existence, progress, evolution and related observations. I hope to eventually organize these rather unstructered thoughts to something more coherent and share my views with others.

In recent years I have developed a strong affinity and awareness regarding Human Progress and the conviction that 'intelligent' social webs can (should) have a mayor contribution to this - not just for making "friends" (and showing how "popular" and "cool" you are, out of pure self indulgment) or professional networking (something alike, at another level). I consider the internet to be(come) the collective human knowledge and consciousness and, as such, it has (should have) a significant role in collective progress towards a better society and humanity, and maybe a new evolutionairy step.


As I See It


  1. Abolish Bank Secrecy (etc.) -> Eradicate Large Scale Corruption
    Corruption is the main cause of all major global problems (in the current, money-centered society)
    Bank Secrecy is the main support and incentive for Corruption.
  2. Change from Corporations to Cooperatives
    Shift society from a few huge, centralized, hierarchical, rigid, competitive, machine-centered, profit & production obsessed Corporations
    to many small, flexible, organic, collaborative, human & society centered Cooperatives working in an extended interconnected global network
  3. Define and share a new sprituality
    without any dominant superior being(s) judging and condemning anyone
    but a self-regulating system of all interconnected energy, as does (did?) nature itself
  4. Universal inmortality
    Inmortality (as so desperately sought for by the biggest idiots) is not to be understood as the inmortality of any one individual being, but the inmortalility of humanity as a whole, together with all other beings, either terrestrial or possibly non-terrestrial.


NGOs & Movements: unite against BANK SECRECY!

Knowing that all serious Global Problems are caused by Large Scale Corruption (political, corporate and other crime), which is allowed, sustained and even stimulated by the existence of BANK SECRECY, all NGOs, Activist groups and Movements should include ABOLITION of BANK SECRECY, as a primary, additional but constant part of their demands!

Surely each NGO or Movement will be aware that the specific problem they fight for, in defense of: nature, climate, human rights, women, children, animals, etc. finds its origin directly or indirectly in Large Scale Corruption.

A better solution for Greece!

I have already made the step from indignant (indignado) to inspired (inspirado).

As I see it the greek problem would actually have an easy solution. At the same time it would be also a solution for countries like Portugal, Ireland or Iceland and, as a matter of fact, most countries if not all. Surely the official institutions will consider it a too simple point of view or even naive, but even so, why not just:

Stop Corruption, End Tax Havens!

Continues at Independency Project >>>

Modern Society

Most of modern society is (still) based on economic gain. Many (most) people will find this logic, because they don't know anything else and society has worked like that for generations. Thus they think this is unalterable. As in former eras people thought it was unalterable that society were mainly based on war or on religion or on some feudal system or that the earth was flat.

Articles, documentaries and terms


  • 06/06/2011 Islandia - El primer ministro comparece ante la Justicia por su gestión de la crisis
    El fiscal exige condenar al exprimer ministro por desoír las advertencias que recibió sobre la grave situación de la banca del país
    [el primer ministro] está acusado de negligencia grave durante su mandato, durante el que se produjo el colapso bancario de su país en octubre de 2008....
    A pesar de los avisos recibidos entre otros por el Banco Nacional, Haarde no adoptó ninguna medida para reducir los efectos del colapso antes de que éste se produjera ni presionó a los bancos {los mercados? inversores?} para vender sus activos y disminuir los riesgos....
  • 09/06/2011 Perú - El dinero apoya al fujimorismo
    La Bolsa y el sol se hunden ante la incertidumbre electoral
    Los mercados dan un voto de confianza al nuevo presidente de Perú
    Humala garantiza una política económica ortodoxa y tranquiliza a los inversores
    Tras un batacazo histórico de la Bolsa de Lima el día después de conocerse la victoria electoral del político nacionalista, las agencias de calificación de solvencia financiera confirmaron las buenas perspectivas de la economía....
    Las agencias Standard & Poor's, Moody's y Fitch descartaron una revisión a la baja de la solvencia financiera de Perú a medio plazo, después de que tanto Humala como el portavoz económico del bloque nacionalista y posible ministro de Economía, Kurt Burneo, salieran a la palestra para pedir calma a los mercados y asegurar que el Gobierno que asumirá el próximo 28 de julio mantendrá una política macroeconómica ortodoxa, una política fiscal responsable, la autonomía del Banco Central, y las garantías para que el país siga siendo atractivo para las inversiones internacionales.
    Los inversores ya dan por descontado que el equipo económico del futuro Gobierno será de corte moderado.

Soy un poco simple o capto correctamente que se supone que Perú/Humala ahora deben estar contentos porque muestran confianza en su futuro los mismos que han llevado a la quiebra a Islandia y a la justicia su exprimer ministro? Es decir los "mercados" (por cierto, ¿quienes son?), inversores, bancos y las agencias de calificación, en otras palabras los manipuladores financieros alias especuladores? 

  • 31/05/2011 - Académicos tras la especulación (El País)
    Los turbios lazos entre profesores universitarios y Wall Street avivan el debate de hasta qué punto el sector financiero ha corrompido el estudio de la economía




  • La economía de la infelicidad -  Borja Vilaseca (periódico el pais)
    "muchos confunden la verdadera felicidad con sucedáneos como el placer, la satisfacción y la euforia que proporcionan el consumo de bienes materiales y el entretenimiento"
  • Consumir consumir consumir - Cristina Sáez  (revista reded)
    Comprar, tirar, comprar - Cosima Dannoritzer
    La obsolencia programada
  • Cradle to cradle

Money, banks, economy and worse!


Money is a means.

In the "old times" money didn't exist. People simply exchanged 'products' or 'services'. Eggs for a piece of meat, ....


Most people nowadays have forgotten this. They think of money as a goal. In fact a great deal of society thinks money is a goal and is based on this shortsighted understanding of life.

A new world order

As long as I remember, I have always felt lucky to live in the current times (and in Europe, actually, Holland). I developed this conscience at a young age when I started to understand how fine a life I (we) had comparing to what the middle ages must have been; misery, hunger, cold, the plague, war, political oppression and religious oppression...

The established order

The established order

The "Established Order" (let's say EO) is a concept that can be considered at several scale levels running from small and short term to large and long term. We all know the small scale, generally short term, Established Order by personal experience, being our parents/tutors the first established order we have to deal with. Then there is the teachers, the police or your boss.

The large scale established order is generally not represented by a specific person that we deal with directly, even if in many cases it does have direct influence on our lives, sometimes even without being aware: emperors, kings and queens, spiritual leaders, religions, governments and most recently: banks and the international mega-coorporations.

Cosmic force

Cosmic force

I believe in a cosmic force "out there" that maintains balance all over the universe.

Both "What the bleep..." as "the Secret" refer to this greater universal or cosmic mechanism as a kind of energy that's out there waiting to be used. Strong intention with the right mindset would be the instrument to get it working for you. I think is should be possible.

In my opinion the religions simply were an ancient translation of this mechanism into something personifed (?) and thus recognizable for the simple uncultured and illiterate people of centuries gone by. Basically just another way of refering to it... It helped most and still helps many to focus their hopes, believes or intentions and it gives people the force to continue even if all options seem to have disappeared.

Problem is that along the way it all derived into something else and converted into power and money play, stuffed with some irrelevant but oppressing morals and so on.

In the secret they make a nice comparison between god and this cosmic energy.


The marketing game

The marketing game

The pillars of marketing are known as the 4 P's of the marketing mix: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Sometimes Packaging is considered a 5th P and there was even a 6th, but I don't remember what. It's not really relevant.

A new economic order

A new (economic) order

1 - should reduce Production Push and Buying Craze (PPBC)

The famous Ps of the marketing mixed could well be associated differently to the describe the current economic order:

Publicity Pushes Products Producing Poor People

Poor people in two ways:

  • the Poor People from the underdeveloped countries that are, in many cases, collectively ripped off by the rich country's companies
  • the Poor People from the rich countries that are mentally poor due to too much publicity that blurs their mind

Human needs

Maslow's pyramid

Maslow rather well classified most human needs in his pyramid of 5 levels.

This hierarchy of needs is predetermined in order of importance.


Maslow's pyramid of needs


Hierarchy of human need in Maslow's pyramid


It is often depicted as a pyramid consisting of five levels: the first lower level is being associated with Physiological needs, while the top levels are termed growth needs associated with psychological needs. Deficiency needs must be met first. Once these are met, seeking to satisfy growth needs drives personal growth. The higher needs in this hierarchy only come into focus when the lower needs in the pyramid are met. Once an individual has moved upwards to the next level, needs in the lower level will no longer be prioritized.

Human evolution

Human evolution

First an inspiring thought:

“If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed. If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people.”
Old Chinese saying

What if you want to try to think 1000 years ahead?