Friend, welcome!

I set up this site bascally to experiment with the Drupal Content Management System (2009).

While doing so, I'll use it as an outlet for my (sometimes vague and frequently chaotic) thoughts on society and mankind, and my perception of his/her existence, progress, evolution and related observations. I hope to eventually organize these rather unstructered thoughts to something more coherent and share my views with others.

In recent years I have developed a strong affinity and awareness regarding Human Progress and the conviction that 'intelligent' social webs can (should) have a mayor contribution to this - not just for making "friends" (and showing how "popular" and "cool" you are, out of pure self indulgment) or professional networking (something alike, at another level). I consider the internet to be(come) the collective human knowledge and consciousness and, as such, it has (should have) a significant role in collective progress towards a better society and humanity, and maybe a new evolutionairy step.